Diva, the gig

Yes negligent that we are we actually forgot to post the announcement here. But TONIGHT 08.02.2014 we are playing our first gig after a year long hiatus at the estimable Afaneis Bar-Café in Koletti 14, Eksarhia.

The show will feature the talented Orestis Tsichlakis on trumpet and mandolin. Be there. Entrance is free but the booze you pay for. The music is all ours. See you there.


crowdfunding so far

it’s very slow going and perhaps we were a little over ambitious but we still have over a month to go. the album is getting made anyway with the goodwill, help and skill of some amazing people. we have well over half our tracks (of everything we have, not just for the album) recorded and in a state that we want them in. we’re doing good!!! help us with the final leg if you possibly can! mixing, mastering and getting the stuff out there…

indie go go update

thank you so much. we’re a quarter of a way through the first 10th of the campaign. this in just 10 days… we have another 48 days to go! thank you, thank you, thank you. we have the best friends, family and fans. it’s all possible…

indiegogo campaign

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